“Tell Me A Story…”: First Post, Free Digital Copies of Hellblazer #1

Panel from Hellblazer #1: Jamie Delano (W), John Ridgway (A), Lovern Kindzierski (C), and Annie Halfacree (L)

Welcome to The Laughing Magician. The gist of this site can be found over on the “About” page.

Additionally, DC is currently giving out free digital copies of Hellblazer #1 for free via Comixology. Details here. Comixology at last count had 237 issues of Hellblazer to choose from, making it a pretty valuable resource for new and old Constantine fans looking for out-of-print storylines. This site is going to jump around a bit chronologically, but we’ll get to John’s “Original Sins” sooner rather than later.