Welcome to The Laughing Magician. This blog started out in 2012 as a “Reading Guide to Hellblazer” while I was a graduate student, but I quickly got sidetracked with a thousand other things, so now it’s more of a place where I occasionally write about comics with supernatural leanings and things in that ballpark. I will likely write more about John Constantine and the 1990’s era of Vertigo (which is the era I grew up reading in my early teens), but I’m no longer interested in writing a chronological overview of every John Constantine appearance (or whatever I was thinking when I started this site).

The title of this blog comes from Andy Diggle and Leonardo Manco’s “The Laughing Magician,” a 2008 Hellblazer storyline from a run that might appeal to lots of readers new to Constantine. I thought about changing the name to something like Occult Following when I decided to start writing new and non-Constantine stuff on here again, but then I didn’t do that.

My name is Jim McGrath. I currently live in Boston, MA and I’m a postdoc at Brown University. I talk a bit about comics @poolhalljames, and I also post random comic book panels occasionally on Tumblr. You can email me at jimroks1[at]gmail[etc].


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